From Portugal!

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From Portugal

Post by JoshuaSi » 16. 07. 2016. 4:32 GMT +0000

boas-vindas Gustavo,

Enjoy your guitar journey What part of Portugal do you come from? My avos come from the Açores,Iha da Terceira.

Re: From Portugal!

Post by ZRS_Bijeljina » 10. 02. 2009. 22:00 GMT +0000

Ola Filipe, muito bemvindo ao nosso forum!!! Si queres saber alguma coisa do nosso pais, dos nossos caminhos de ferro ca estamos pra' explicar coisas e com muito prazer :D
Neste forum ja temos um amigo de Portugal, e o ce3ap de Lisboa mais vive em Espanha.

Comprimentos desde Belgrado.


Re: From Portugal!

Post by bombardier3405 » 10. 02. 2009. 14:28 GMT +0000

Hi ddavid

No, but , but the new high-speed lines (Lisboa-Madrid and Lisboa-Oporto) will be constructed in the european gauge. The another "high"-speed line (with a max speed of 220 or 250 km/h) will be constructed in 1668 mm gauge (Portugal and Spain gauges) from Braga to Vigo (the internacional conexion Oporto-Vigo) but, in a future, that line can be changed to a 1435 mm line with the aplication of polivalent material (like the most lines of Spain).

Since 1997, Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (CP) only has a function of operator. REFER (Rede Ferroviária Nacional) takes the infraestructure part and build and mantain the most of the Portuguese railway infraestructure (excepcion for "Metropolitan" trains of Almada, Lisboa and Oporto and the trams of Lisboa and Oporto that are mantained by local operators). In 2004, Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses change the name to Comboios de Portugal (maintains the short name of CP). Since 2005, the same process happens in Spain with renfe-operadora only with the operation of the trains and ADIF (simillar to REFER) with the part of the infraestructure.

But there is hope in Portugal! Besides the last renovations of the most lines without polivalent material (with 3x fixation to a 3rd rail to make a dual gauge line -> 1668 and 1435 mm), the line of Casa Branca to Évora (about 30 km) has polivalent material and some sectores inside REFER wants to apply that polivalent material in future renovations. The case specific of Évora that because the line will be part of the future Sines Harbour-Badajoz line. And with the Lisboa-Madrid High Speed Line with mix traffic (passenger and freight) some contentors can be discharged at Sines and in a space of few hours arrive at Madrid.

Re: From Portugal!

Post by ddavid » 10. 02. 2009. 13:44 GMT +0000

Olá Filipe! :)

I'm glad that we've now got a forum member from Portugal! I'm looking forward to hear some information about the railway lines of your country. I've got a question for you: does the Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (the national railway company of Portugal) intend to change the gauge of the entire railway network as RENFE intends to do? As I know, the new high-speed railway line between Lisboa and Madrid will be built for normal gauge, that's the reason why I'm asking you.

Greets from Serbia! :I

From Portugal!

Post by bombardier3405 » 10. 02. 2009. 3:59 GMT +0000

Hi everybody. :D

My name is Filipe Lavrador and i'm from Portugal, a very nice country from the Westhern Europe. Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese writer (1888-1935) write that Portugal is the land where the soil ends and the sea begins.
I don't understand your language, although i'd like to read more things in this forum but i can't do this. But the site it is very functional and easy to understand. In a view on the forum i understand some words. In fact, some Serbian words are simillar to the Portuguese words :D Excuse me for my isn't very perfect, i don't speak English everyday! :oops:

Here, I pretend learn a few little things about Serbia, the Serbian Railways and (of course :mrgreen: ) show my country and our trains to you, Serbians :lol:

Never mind...Portugal it is a very great country to do an interrail. But, i will talk more about this in the next few days. :o

Greetings :I