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PostPosted: 08. 09. 2007. 21:22 GMT +0000
by Ryszard
Zdravo for all,
Please help me.
Official web page ZELEZNICE SRBIJE:

Regular departures from Mokra Gora:
Serbian: 10:30, 13:25, 16:10
English: 10:30, 11:25, ----

cena karte:
Serbian: 500,00 dinars
English: 400,00 dinars

Serbian: summer and 28 december'07-28 january'08
English: Nothing

What is it true and actuel?

Osmica on the snow?? Miracle !!!

Sorry, my english very bad, but I"ll unedrstand your answer for me.
(serbian language, too)


PostPosted: 08. 09. 2007. 23:05 GMT +0000
by asalat
Hello Ryszard,

Current timetable and prices are on Serbian page. Prices and times on English page are old one.
Period of activity in winter is only if it enough passengers. Trains operating only to station Jatare from Mokra Gora.