Putnicki vagoni i svi interieri

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Putnicki vagoni i svi interieri

Postby no-night » 21. 11. 2008. 16:45 GMT +0000

Hi friends!

I just missed a topic, where every restored passenger coaches of Romantika and Sargan 8 are documentated - by list, and by good interior and exterior photos, just like it's done with Plavi Voz. (I found some pictures in other topics, but I want to have it collectively.) Could you be helpful, to establish it in this topic?

A specific question in addition: is it planned in the future to restore any 1st class (or anyway "soft-seated") coaches of the Sarganska osmica?

(You can continue the topic in Serb language, I can rudimentarly understand it.)

Thanks for everyone in advance. :I
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Re: Putnicki vagoni i svi interieri

Postby Mali Panta » 21. 11. 2008. 20:09 GMT +0000

Hello no-night, welcome to forum.
Pictures of coach for personel has in these theme: http://www.railserbia.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1525 First and second page.

I also have pictures of some other coaches of Romantika and i can put it here :I , but I dont have pictures of all Romantikas coaches :(
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Re: Putnicki vagoni i svi interieri

Postby sdz361 » 02. 09. 2009. 20:14 GMT +0000

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Re: Putnicki vagoni i svi interieri

Postby asalat » 02. 09. 2009. 23:11 GMT +0000

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